Greatest Regrets of the Successful

We have been brainwashed into a paradigm of scarcity in which only a few can succeed through intense competition against others, a paradigm in which most people have come to accept that their personal worth is measured by their accomplishments and possessions. In this paradigm of scarcity, competition and comparison, success is a possession that must be fought for, won and held up for others to admire or envy.

Driven by our need to succeed, we relentlessly push ourselves, and sometimes others, to the brink of exhaustion. We ignore our family and friends’ call to pause, slow down and enjoy the lifestyle we worked so hard to create. Finally, we begin to lose our passion and sense of purpose for what we are doing.

Get your life back!

Based on the worldwide survey behind our upcoming book “Why we never feel GOOD ENOUGH and what to do about it", we have developed a program to help you recapture the passion, purpose and meaning that may be missing in your life; by addressing the underlying “Enoughless” schema and turning the success paradigm upside down, help discover what authentic success really means.

Take an easy survey and download your free eBook - Stress of Success: Greatest Regrets of the Successful, a sneak preview into our upcoming book.

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